American Beach Grass

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Supplying Dune Grass to  the Southeastern United States
American Beach Grass

A. breviligulata or American beach grass is a perennial which is native to the north and mid-Atlantic coasts.  Beach grass is effective at stabilizing dunes because of its fast establishment and rhizomatous growth habit.  We have certified stock of both 'Cape' and 'Bogue' cultivars.

The 'Bogue' cultivar was selected from the Bogue Banks in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.  It has the longer growing season of the the two cultivars we offer.  It begins it's vegetative growth about 3o days earlier and goes dormant about 40 days later than Cape.  Bogue is a great choice for costal areas from North Carolina to Maryland.

The 'Cape' cultivar was selected from Cape May, New Jersey.  This cultivar is commonly grown in Northern states but also performs well in Southern states.  It's growing season is shorter than Bogue, beginning is vegetative growth stage later and going into dormancy earlier.
Bitter Panicum

P. amarum is a perennial with a stout stem and blue green leaves.  It is a very climate tolerant plant found naturally from New England to Mexico and helps stabilize the ground through rhizomes.

We recommend supplementing beach grass with bitter panicum for increased dune stabilization longevity.  Adding 10% bitter panicum to a beach grass stand will help extend the life of your dunes.   
Planting Info
  • Warm season perennial
  • Optimum planting dates: Feb to May 
  • Runners planted in 6 to 8 inch trenches
Planting Info
  • Cool season grass
  • Optimum planting dates: November to March 
  • Sprigs typically planted 8 to 10 inches deep
  •  Spaced from 2 to 3 feet apart
American Beach Grass Plant
Bitter Panicum growing on the coast of  Emerald Isle, NC